Intro To Code

Intro to code

Create a website in just one day

Location: 1324 Lake Drive SE,  Grand Rapids, MI
Next Live Course: Saturday 4/8/17 
Start time: 10:00AM | End time: 6:00PM
Cost: $50

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See what bootcamp is like

Attending our Saturday intro to code workshop will allow you to get a feel for the working environment, pace of information, and robust level of instruction you'll receive if you sign up for one of our bootcamps.

During our intro to code Saturday workshops, you'll create a complete website from scratch using HTML and CSS. 
Some students will even have the opportunity to make their site responsive using a popular framework
like Bootstrap or Materialize.
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Workshop Goals


We'll teach you the basics of HTML including divs, classes, ids, and how to structure a website. You'll re-create an existing website page to specifications as your first assignment or create the homepage of a website you've already envisioned.


To make your website look right, you'll need CSS skills. We'll help you learn how to use CSS to modify the way your site looks and feels.

Responsive Design

If you've gotten the hang of HTML and CSS and your site is shaping up nicely, we'll show you how to make it responsive using a popular framework so it looks great on all devices!

Participants will build and style a real website from scratch in this workshop.

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