Thanks for Applying to Bootcamp!

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Schedule an Intro Call

Whats next?

Here is what to expect next:
  1. Schedule an intro call to discuss the program and make sure its a 12 week commitment you're willing to make

  2. If you've decided "This is for me", reserve your seat with a $1,000 deposit (we'll send you the payment link)
    Note: You can save $600 by paying in full.

  3. Once you've reserved your seat, we'll send you the pre-bootcamp materials to get you ready for day 1.

  4. Payment in full is due by the second week of bootcamp.

    1. Refund policy: If after 14 days into the program you wish to drop out, we'll provide a pro-rated refund minus your $1,000 deposit. We don't refund the deposit because it takes a seat from another potential student.
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